Everything Belongs

“When you don’t know you are connected and one, you will invariably resort to some form of violence to get the dignity and power you lack. When you can become little enough, naked enough, and honest enough, then you will ironically find that you are more than enough. At this place of poverty and freedom, you have nothing to prove and nothing to protect. Here you can connect with everything and everyone. Everything belongs.” [from Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation, Monday September 18. His topic is Nonviolence]

When we think of nonviolence we usually think of how it applies to our relationship to other humans.  When we think of helping those in need we think of people suffering.   Certainly our human relationships are important to consider, but I think we also need to see that all of life on earth belongs and deserves thoughtfulness and consideration.

The soul of earth shelters us all.

3 Replies to “Everything Belongs”

  1. It is really delightful to have come across a Franciscan who carries out the legacy of the saint in these times, isn’t it? I’ve always loved those stories of Saint Francis speaking with the animals and calling them Brother and Sister.
    Fr. Rohr is such a talented communicator and yet he does not seem to have succumbed to temptation of that talent as have the mega-church preachers of the “Prosperity Gospel.”

  2. Michelle,
    Yes, I find Fr. Rohr to be very interesting and inspirational. And the picture of his dog reminds me of an old black lab I used to have. So much gentle wisdom in those eyes.

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