communicating with the whales

found both the photo and the link along the way, of course while looking for something else…

they may provide insight into what is possible

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  1. … while looking for something else.
    I heard that. Seems I spend a good bit of time looking for one thing and running across something else while in the search. Serendipity I suppose. The nice part is being open (and having the time) to the tangents that plop down in front of us.

    Couldn’t help thinking of our dog as I read the piece. Seems the more time we spend with an animal, the better we can communicate with it. And for that matter – the more time we spend with a fellow human the better we can communicate.

  2. It’s good to read about people for whom the personhood (for want of a better word) of the creatures they prey on is not in question. This seems to be the default among human cultures, maybe even across the animal kingdom – I’m thinking of the tenderness of mammal predators towards their prey once it gives up the fight. Cultures that instrumentalize nature for near-term gain, force themselves to forget this.

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