4 Replies to “Found along the Way”

  1. Thank you! “when you open your eyes under the water of reality”… that is beautifully said. I am sad and worried about the fire at Keauhou which seems to be uncontrollable and is taking down hundreds of acres of native forests every day. Right now I am praying to Hurricane Hector to visit us with rain, lots and lots of rain!

    1. Beautifully written so many disciplines are devoted to seeing beyond the veil. To the true nature of reality. Our senses make a seemingly perfect reality but are mere sensors of limited scopes. As beings of energy our perceptions of now are a reflection of needs in this incarnation. As we endlessly dip into lives sampling and learning. The transitions are traumatic as our loved ones go. And my love seeks to comfort all as again we face this barrier. May the all receive our love and this place in our hearts in peace.

  2. Michele if Hector is the need of a parched landscape may our combined wills aid in bringing these much needed rains. Gutsy bringing a weather tempest onto a earth eruption.

  3. Richard,
    Lovely poem. Beautiful play of words that evoke eternal mystery.
    Thank you for sharing.
    It looks like the rains are coming Sunday and will fall for days. I hope it is soon enough. May they quench the lands thirst but stop short of tearing at it in torrents of floods. This year the heat and fires have been brutal in so many places around the world.


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