Farewell the tidepools of Kapoho

a heavy heart as the lava flows toward Kapoho,
of all the special places on Hawai’i a jewel.
the tidepools, shallow ponds separated by
a lacy network of low coral and lava walkways,
where the people can go out a half mile into the ocean
and see the little fishes, a calm protected reef,
the seas held just outside, a place where the little
ones come right up and nibble on your fingers

while the lava flow is not quite there yet
it continues on its course

3 Replies to “Farewell the tidepools of Kapoho”

  1. It was a special time and place to go sit, play, walk in the tide pools.
    Thank you for your remembrance and your tribute.

  2. Yes, I mourned too when I saw this heartbreaking photo, one of many we see here everyday. Homes and farms being lost, dying trees, stressed out people. I only went to see the tide pools in Puna once but they are truly wondrous jewels and they will almost certainly be gone in a few days.
    But there is no arguing with Tutu Pele in all her beauty and fierceness.

  3. Michelle,
    I have been wondering how you are doing in Hawaii. After news of Guatemala’s Fuego volcano eruption, which has killed 62 people, I thought about the differences between theirs and Hawaii’s month long Kilauea eruption, which hasn’t killed anyone but keeps slowly wreaking havoc. I don’t know which is worse a fast explosion of volcanic debris and devastation or the slow relentless, inexorable carnage. Perhaps its an irrelevant question. Loss is loss, whether fast or slow.
    Thank you for sharing your tribute to what Hawaii has lost. My thoughts and prayers are ever with you.

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