Vernal Equinox 2018

It is the day of the spring Equinox, the light and the dark in precise balance, the light hours lengthening most rapidly now, the lightest half a year starting now. With all the human holydays coming on their own human planned schedules, the four “astronomical” special points have a solid and real basis, cosmic even, so to speak, for being celebrated. Call me a pagan if you like, but just remember that unrepentant pagans cannot hear you on days like this… so…
Behold the Equinox and Happy Spring Everyone….

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  1. Sun follows moon in the sky. Sprouts push forth to flower, nascent buds to bring in life as bees fly. Enjoy springs reemergence as has been since before words were written. Perhaps humanities earliest celebration.

  2. Definitely a day to mark.

    When all of us on this planet get the same 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours night, from penguins at one Pole to Russian subs at the other.

    Now there’s something to connect with

  3. Lovely picture, Michelle. I spent the first day of spring cleaning up the garden under the low tunnel. It is always fun to pull back the plastic cover and see what is happening after the long winter. Lettuce that went to seed last summer is also up and thriving. I removed the wild plants, munching on a few that are tastier. I planted seeds from packages; spinach, radish, and kale. Lifted several clumps of beautiful leek babies that were “planted” by last year’s leeks allowed to go to seed. I put the clumps into pots for sharing. It never ceases to amaze me how bountiful my garden is when I just let plants follow their natural need to regenerate themselves…with only a tiny bit of imposed discipline. The worms were thriving! It was a wonderful way to celebrate the first day of spring.

  4. That is a lovely picture, by Richard not me, though it is just down the road a bit. If I were to take a picture now it would be of my rubber boots and everything else caked in spring mud, squelch! Seems like we haven’t had this much mud in a decade or so. Even the resident toads have had quite enough of it.
    But mud is life – riotous, chaotic, positively uncivilized and yet joyful – even if annoying and extremely déclassé. Haha! Long live water and dirt!

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